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Need a back rub, or shampoo or anything at all?

David Boreanaz - Angel on the Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV shows.and he was on some kind of Law Order (I believe) show as well. Anyway, SEXAY! -who ever pined this before me HE IS ON BONES my fav tv show get your facts right :(-

Jensen Ackles | 35 Insanely Hot Guys Whose Freckles Will Give You Life

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles - those eyes, those freckles, those lips, even the crows feet are f'cking sexy! The jensen majestic

jealousyyouhavetoearn: Success is the only Option!Going Huge- a...

jealousyyouhavetoearn: Success is the only Option!Going Huge- a... (The Snob Report)

Hollywood's Sexiest Men

Hollywood's Sexiest Men - Best Beard Men - Board at Pinterest: search for pinner "Jochen Wojtas"

This is our hairstyle guide on the Undershave haircut. In essence, the Undershave is a shaved Undercut, although there's more to it than "just" shaving an Undercut. What is an Undershave haircut?

Bradley cooper - what a gorgeous smile, you can just imagine that sexy mouth just kissing you all over...

Bradly Cooper - I LOVED Silver Lining Playbook- my favorite movie this year!

Be free, Chest Hair! <I'm going to caption all of my bearded men photos in interpretations now. Makes me seem less creepy, I think.

very black full thick beard and mustache beards bearded man men mens' style so handsome

Doesn't look right at all but...overall like the aesthetic and just the vibe. harried school kid who is run ragged by idiots at a play house.

Ryan Gosling : "j'ai besoin de faire une pause"