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Angler fish

Angler Fish: To attract prey, the scary-looking fish uses a bioluminescent "fishing pole" that hangs just above and in front of its toothy face. The lure is actually a piece of dorsal spine packed with millions of glow-in-the-dark bacteria.

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Anglerfish facts and pictures. Find out more about deep sea angler fish and the infamous anglerfish mating.

/Bioluminescent communication. Communication by the production of light occurs commonly in vertebrates and invertebrates in the oceans, particularly at depths (e.g. angler fish). Two well known forms of land bioluminescence are fireflies and glow worms. Other insects, insect larvae, annelids, arachnids and even species of fungi possess bioluminescent abilities. Some bioluminescent animals produce the light themselves whereas others have a symbiotic relationship with bioluminescent bacteria.

Sri Lanka Bay Owl (Phodilus assimilis) is a species of bay owl in the Tytonidae family. It is endemic to the island of Sri Lanka. It is sometimes considered a subspecies of the Oriental Bay Owl.

A bait ball, or baitball, occurs when small fish swarm in a tightly packed spherical formation about a common centre. It is a last-ditch defensive measure adopted by small schooling fish when they are threatened by predators.

Frog Fish,

Frog Fish, I seriously love the amazing things that the ocean brings to life! This is why I hate the ocean.

there are other fish in the sea... - (deep sea)(sea life) - #fish #deepsea #sealife

Deep-sea fish:Strange creatures of the sea… >>> imagine your just diving down there, and you turn around and then BAM! Hatchet fish in your face!

How can you not like the ocean when it has these creatures?? Also...floating phallus-fish? How did evolution think that was okay?

Any expedition to the deep ocean depths is incredibly expensive, and returns with a host of strange and terrifying new species.

wondering what God was thinking when He made this... (God did not make this ... we did)

that is one scary fish. I hope it's very small and lives very deeply otherwise beach vacations are just out for me!