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In the past, I was the girl that forked over the extra fines for overweight baggage, but this trip to Spain, I was absolutely determined to keep it under the fifty-pound limit, especially because my shopping habits will surely require a bit of extra room on the flight home.

The Ultimate Girls' Packing List for Spain

Relate to this, only I didn't have the mindset to develop an eating disorder. I hate it when people point out that you're getting larger than everyone else, or they specifically ask for the size if your clothes to compare it to your "thinner" siblings or themselves when they were your age.

Girls,and guys,you're beautiful! even if people don't see it. Eat that cookie and drink that juice! Who cares what people think! Just smile and be confident. If you ever want anyone to talk to im here ♡

Even if an advertising copywriter could come up with a horrible ad like this, how could no one else who saw the ad not catch this. What were they thinking?  Apparently, Swift was the sponsor of the Archie NBC radio show, so this was an ad for it.

"Wow Jug, now everyone and their brother will want our delicious wieners in their mouth!" Swift's Premium Hot Dogs vintage ad featuring Archie and Jughead.

Echoes of a child's laughter bounced off the walls, making Anthea turn her head in confusion and fear.mainly because the library was empty besides her.

The Clothes Horse: Oh For A Draught Of Vintage / Zara purse and samantha Pleet x…