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An Italian micromosaic panel, Rome, mid 19th century

Two gold and micromosaic brooches, last quarter 19th century

Exquisite 19th Century Micromosaic Plaque Brooch

Luigi Tarantoni late19th/early 20th century A Roman framed micromosaic plaque Italy, late 19th century

Detail Micro-mosaic Panel 19th century

A late 19th century Italian micro mosaic brooch

A late 19th century gold micromosaic bangle The front panel of fine micromosaic detail, depicting four doves amongst laurel leaves, the reverse panel with 'ROMA' in relief within borders of wirework decoration, to a hinge and concealed clasp of finial design, a few tesserae deficient, inner diameter 5.5cm


Micromosaic brooch

Micromosaic Brooch with Enamel Greek Meander Frame, 19th century

A late 19th century gold micromosaic pendant The oval pendant centrally-set with a fine polychrome micromosaic depicting two doves perched on floral sprigs, within ropetwist, beaded and polychrome micromosaic geometric borders, suspended from a triangle-shaped polychrome micromosaic surmount of floral design, the reverse with a glazed compartment, minor tesserae loss, length 5.5cm