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Why I Left Almost Every Chronic Illness Support Group I Joined on Facebook | The Mighty

Corinthian Bells® wind chimes achieve their superb tone and long lasting resonance by starting with the best materials, and giving attention to details in design and assembly.

Neo-Soul Keys is The best Fender cabinet keyboard VI that I've used. Really beautiful and expressive, with the addition of a nice vibrato (which doesn't exist on the real instrument). Tine/Bell and pedal noise control, resonance, MIDI-learn for all controls -- a really nice, complete instrument for the free Kontakt Player 4 and above. $99.00

Would love a MADE IN USA ONLY PLEASE!!! 36 inches would be the smallest the bigger the better. Coppers and blues, wood also. Hand-tuned to the scale of E, this perfectly balanced chime is just 36 inches long - not too big, and certainly not too small. the BV306 rings easily with the outstanding tones and resonance for which Bells of Vienna chimes are known. Special note: Engraving on Bells of Vienna wind chime sails is done in a vertical format to allow more space...

from Jamie Catto

Don’t Fall In Love With A Warrior

Don’t Fall In Love With A Warrior | Jamie Catto

At 44 inches, the Corinthian Bells 406 is the first of the "medium" CB chimes. Hand-tuned to the scale of C-major, this chime presents a rich, full chord to its listeners. The resonance of tone that all Corinthian Bells chimes are known for begins a descent into deeper tones with this chime. Many satisfied customers order the CB406 again and again as gifts for their neighbors (they want to hear it ringing on all sides of their property!), friends and family. The harmonies that ring with…

Gargoyle Resonance: Historical and Spiritual Uses of Bells

Corinthian Bells 836. At 65 inches long, it is majestic and superior to all other CB chimes. Hand- tuned to the major scale of D#, the CB 836 is the deepest chime we sell. Its deep, gong-like resonance will fascinate visitors to your garden....the tones and melodies are rich and full. Like all Corinthian Bells chimes, the tubes themselves are thick-walled, which means no harsh, metallic noise.

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