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Is Global Poverty Actually on the Decline? by @simonschuster #developingnations #economist via @SlideShare Renowned economist Steven Radelet, author of 'The Great Surge', reveals how we’ve reduced poverty, increased incomes, improved health, curbed violence, and spr…

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By Rose Prince Karol Sikora Louise Atkinson

Should YOU be eating 7-a-day? As it's claimed we need SEVEN - not five - daily portions of fruit and veg, two contrasting views...

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Kid Conversation Starters

Conversation builds relationships. This tool will help your families relationships, better your family time and increase your families communication. Kids can make up their own questions on the blank page provided. #conversation #talk #parenting

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3 Tips For New Teachers to Create an Optimal Math Environment

3 Tips for New Teachers to Create an Optimal Math Environment (Blog Post). Take time to set up your math workshop the same way that you would take the time in literacy. Here are three tips for new (and veteran) teachers as we begin the school year!

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Music’s Effect on Learning [infographic]

Music’s Effect on Learning [infographic] - Music impacts us in powerful ways. It can evoke strong emotions, make us want to tap our fingers & feet, & even help with learning & memory.

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Work at Home Jobs - Current List of Leads Updated Daily

If working at home is something you're trying to do - you'll find great job leads at New leads posted every day! #workathome

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Work at Home Customer Service Rep Jobs at APAC

Founded in 1973, APAC is a company that specializes in customer contact and business processing outsourcing solutions. The majority of their clients are in the healthcare, financial services, technology, communications, and travel and hospitality industries. APAC regularly hires people to work from home as customer service representatives to serve as liaison between

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Using Music to Improve Reading Fluency

students practice fluency by reading lyrics of songs. The teacher also plays the song in the classroom so students sing along. Students are given an individual fluency binder with several lyrics.

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Fluency Boot Camp!

Don’t let the title scare you; this “boot camp” (hopefully) will not result in tears of frustration nor will a drill sergeant be screaming at you! It will still be tough, but it will be fun! I think that this program is a great way to help students build confidence in their reading and writing fluency and an even greater way for teachers to assess.