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Can Your Nightly Piece of Chocolate Help You Live a Longer Life?

5 Ways Chocolate Can Help You Live Longer - Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Chocolate and Longevity

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Have dry skin? Use coconut oil. Want whiter teeth? Use coconut oil. Ran out of m

cool Have dry skin? Use coconut oil. Want whiter teeth? Use coconut oil. Ran out of m... by

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Top 10 High Antioxidant Foods -

Top 10 High Antioxidant Foods - #kombuchaguru #organic Also check out:

Great money-saving tip for long term storage of fresh lettuce. Dena: I have always done this, I learned this trick from my mom. She would have a huge tupperware container and wrap it in paper towels and press down on the top as she closed it to get the most air out of it. Most have lasted a month or more!

How to Make Berries, Greens, Mushrooms, and More Stay Fresh Longer
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How to Keep Everything From Leafy Greens to Cheese Fresh Longer

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43 Truths About People, Relationships, And The Rollercoaster Of Life

it takes a level of self love, of dedication and determination to live your greatest life. so, look within. look at every area of your life and ask yourself these questions: am i on course? am i growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? anything tha

Top Recommended Crystals: Anhydrite, Rutilated Quartz, Infinite (Light Green Serpentine), or Smoky Quartz. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Azurite, Citrine, Danburite, Galena, or Phantom Quartz. Affirmation: "I lovingly release myself from the past and allow myself to live only in the present." Releasing the past is associated with the Earth and Root chakras. Hold in your hands as you repeat your preferred affirmation either out loud or to yourself. Feel and visualize you letting go of…

When the defense system of human body triggers the inflammatory pathways in the absence of any reason, it results in the damage of its own cells. Inflammation can cause longer term damage to the body. Here is the list of herbs that help reduce inflammation. Including these herbs in your regular diet is really useful. #infographics