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Cute little SCOTTBOTT tattoo I got to do on Traditional Tattoo's Valentine Day Special

8 inch tall "BoilerBott" sculpture. I made this Bott out of clay, painted it and glazed it with a very shiny resin. The giant robot is carrying a powerline she ripped out of the ground :)

Teddy Girl Framed Painting by Scotty Osburn by ScottBotts on Etsy, $175.00

Here are just a few of the SCOTTBOTT tattoo's i've done on people. I take a picture of you and draw you into your own giant bott scene, then I tattoo it on you.

Here is a "ScottBott" design I tattooed on my friend Leah. This is a watercolor painting of her VampireBott tattoo.

The Boilerbotts are getting closer to the city. The sun seems to be overheating these giant robots. We'll be safe until the sun goes down.

This SCOTTBOTT painting was done right before the 4th of July 2012. My favorite time of year.