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SOLD: This stainless steel Balfour abdominal retractor made by Haslam, USA is a beauty! It is a standard laparotomy wound retractor. The adjustable arms retract (wide open) to approximately 6 inches with the heavy duty, double-rod base measuring 9.25 inches in length. The overall height is approximately 7.25 inches. A third arm (not present) is able to be attached to the adjustable/ moving cross piece to allow abdominal wall retraction in 3 directions.

SOLD: This lot contains some very old instruments, dating back to the 1800's. (The tonsil snare is absolutely spectacular; the certainly have not made them like this in QUITE some time.) Tonsil Snare, Anoscope, Antique Suction Tip, Suction Sound/ Catheter, Scalpel, Small Scoop/ Curette, Grasping Forceps, Mystery instrument

SOLD: Here is a well-worn, vintage uterine dilator. There are not many distinguishing marks other than "Japan" stamped on it. It measures 13 inches in length and opens to a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches.

Vintage Stainless Steel Bone Saw 9.5" Long

SOLD - Vintage Stainless Steel Bone Saw 9.5" Long Vintage Stainless Steel Bone Saw (not sure if it is for physicians for amputations or a butchers saw). Entire saw measures 9.5" Long and blade measures approximately 6" in length. Some rust on handle and signs of wear and use. Comes with a latching plastic case measuring 10" x 5" x 0.75". Inside of the box was once lined with blue fabric which has come unglued from one side and is missing on the other.

Antique Gynecology Urethral Surgical Tools - Scheerer Medical Doctor Surgery Equipment Device - OB Gyn Dilators Curettes Probes Forceps

SOLD: Chrome Breisky-Navratil vaginal retractor made by Sklar. This retractor is much more popular in Europe than in the United States and not often seen. This piece is in excellent condition and measures 9 inches in total length, the handle measuring 5.5 inches and the blade measures 3.5 inches.

Antique Nasal Speculum - Vintage Medical Instrument

Antique Nasal Speculum - Vintage Medical Instrument. This is an Antique Nasal Speculum. A speculum (latin for "mirror") is a medical tool used in the investigation of body cavities. Sizes and shapes depend on the cavity being inspected. This particular speculum is for nasal use so it fits nicely into your average nostril. This instrument is about 5 1/2" long and appears to be stainless steel.

SOLD: Pair of tonsil snares/ guillotines for your consideration.

The 'Bone Aid' is a simple flat-packed board with a printed folding guide which allows it to be folded in three different ways, making it an effective cast for elbows, legs or ankles... READ MORE at Yanko Design !