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pound66: 新垣里沙からのお知らせ!!その1 - YouTube

Poor lady she's probably having a bad day. XD Sounds like something I'd do to be honest.

the first time I watched this vid it was 1:30 am and I had tears streaming down my face while burying my laughter in my stuffed animal alligator

Story of my life. This is why I refuse to go into Von maur. Cutest shoes, but you'd have to receive a small loan of a million dollars from your father to afford a pair.

Are we really the only ones with cafeterias? Follow me on Pinterest: @bre951

Sherlock uses Youtube, sorry, kind of inappropriate, *cough* tumblr *cough*, but the last one is so awesome.

When you hold the door open for 1 person and it ends up being 3 students, 5 faculty, 7 aliens, and the stampede that killed mufasa.

Omg lol Follow me on Pinterest: @bre951