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My Favorite Sayings

My passion is helping others. I need to help myself to do that and remain passionate. ❤️

I cry every day.. I just need a miracle so I can get there close to others that are going through well I am going through I feel like it's not worth it sometimes I want to give up so bad I'm stuck I I have my kids I can't leave them

One of my favorites

"Some people just don't realize what they have got. I swear you could try to be the best for someone and they'll still not care.." || Anime: Kiznaiver (2016) || © edited by Karunase ||

I want to sleep next Ryan. I pray for it to happen millions of times a day everyday to, for us to get back together as friends, live together, realize we want&need eachother & then get married u_u <3<3<3 For us to get rid of depression and to live a great happy wonderful long loving awesome as ever life with each other. I pray&you pray. It's really me praying for my mirrored soul to return so I can finally be a happy woman again (only one who can & ever made me giddy too) I love Ry w/my…

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