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Living in a small space is not always that easy as it could mean getting limited opportunities to redesign, redecorate and change the configuration of the room every time you want it. But this is not the case if you use room dividers in separating different areas of your home or to create a focal point. While having a small space may seem challenging, it is possible still to create and maintain an organized, beautiful space.

Store Front Sign with Your Hours-Vinyl Decal- Store- Sign- Store Display- Decal- Boutique- Business- Sign Hours of Operation by landbgraphics on Etsy

Do you have a studio apartment, which you would like to split into two rooms to create additional private space for different purposes? Perhaps you are a business owner and would like to integrate soundproof partitions in your office and create several office areas with the possibility of these easy to remove when needed? #Schiebewaende #Trennwaende

Business Lounge at Stavanger Airport Sola, designed by Metropolis arkitektur & design. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig.