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If you don't like something in your life, change you and your perceptions. #abundance

10 Quotes That Will Make You Believe In Yourself Again

Don't judge me ,I have lived a very challenging life ,I have faced problems without having Parents on my own ,my younger brother and never lived after they passed away ,I am not what you are thinking I am just here to raise my daughter

#Lifewords Make the change in life and live for your passions rather than dreaming of the the passions u wish to do ! I have lived life for what i have always wanted and had passion for ! Im now left with one dream and one miracle left in life ! Out of everything i have ever dreamed of ! It was a lot i just never gave up on me and whst i wished for me ! My last to are be a singer and have an effect on the world that Will leave it a better place for all from something i gave someone to see or…

Trust your instincts. Only they will get you through this maze, all your senses will lie to you. They will lead you down the wrong paths, ignore your sense and go with your gut.

Sometimes the only way to heaven is through hell. Don't give up. #WinstonChurchill