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I like this photo, I like the slightly Polaroid effect on the photo, it looks very vintage and then the words and blank paper added on is really effective because it makes the photo stand out and appear much more interesting.

pre-wedding garter photo - i like this much better than the lingerie photos...like honestly where would i put those in my house?? keepin it classy ;)

#jasmineYogaTutorial : #SuperSoldier Easier than it looks. So dont feel intimidated. Give it a try :) Tricks / Tips 1) stretch out your hamstrings. a lot. This pose needs you to push against your shoulder to get the bottom leg completely straight so that means more work. Make sure hamstrings are warm before trying. 2) Get your shoulder IN! Not just touching the side of ur knee but all the way behind and in. 3) When trying to hook the shoulder, use one hand on the calf like I did in photos...

“ ‘Morning…” Sketchy of the midnight (not cleaned DX)… I was watching “The Prince of Egypt”…. (this scene) and something happened… now, I don’t now what “morning after" it could be (I like to think they’re married and Nick does that every morning….....

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