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ADHD/ADD is a real thing and it affects people very dramatically! That's why we have created an all natural product to relieve your ADHD/ADD. This all natural solution will help you have sustained energy, focus and help retain information better throughout the day. check this product out at WWW.ADDPEACEOFMIND.COM

from thinkHom

Taking This Turmeric Lemonade Can Cure a Lot of Your Health Problems

Turmeric is a superfood, it is one of the most potent natural cure for most of your health problems and this turmeric lemonade will give you a good daily dose of it.

from Dr. Axe

Natural Remedies for ADHD -

Natural Remedies for ADHD--- WOW. Why are we prescribed so much medicine and we're not even THINKING about our diet when it comes to ADHD?

Natural Approaches for ADD or ADHD ...wish I'd known all of this when I was raising 2 children

Our Favorite Supplement for Treating ADHD and Other Behavioral and Emotional Problems - The Family That Heals Together

On Task ADHD Vitamins for our Child's Natural ADHD Treatment | On Task Naturally: Christopher's ADHD Vitamins, a Success Story

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD since the age of three. Here I discuss some natural treatment options for ADHD we have found to be successful when medications weren't the solution.

from The Oil Dropper

Focus Blend for Children

Come check out my FOCUS blend using Young Living essential oils only at


12 Ways to Help Your Child Cope With ADHD

Learn ways to help your child with ADHD without taking meds at, a leading source of health news and information.

from PositiveMed

7 Natural Treatments for ADHD

The information provided adds great depth of ADHD as a whole. It states of foods to avoid and also states of natural remedies to treat it. It provides sources behind the logic they are giving to state why these natural treatments may work. They give statistical data of ADHD and it informs praents, teachers, children and the general public with an armory of knowledge on the subject.