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This is all about her expression and her mystery. She looks lost in thought, and Klaus finds her intriguing when she is so. He always wants to know what is on her mind. While he doesn't prefer the outfit as much, her loves the hair and he loves the makeup. Black and white pictures are some of his favorites, and he wouldn't be able to stop looking at her when she looked like this. He would struggle not to compel her to tell him what she is thinking.

It was months before Erica got a call. "Is there something I can help you with?" Erica asked uncertainly. "It's about Lucas Forester." The woman replied. "We've Located his father." Excitement & sadness twisted in her gut. The thought of Lucas finally getting to see his farther made her thrilled the same time she didn't want to lose him.

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Emilia Clarke for Vogue Australia, may 2016

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She's so cute with bangs!

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