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Does it really work? Yes! (: & you have 14 days to decide if you love it or send it back. #hypoallergenic, #waterresistent, safe for contacts and #sleeping in. Natural collegen nourishes natural lashes, while you wear it too!!

New Younique Lipstains!! Available exclusively with January 2017 Mthly Kudos!

Half a million 3d Plus mascaras sold since July 15th!!! THIS many women can't be wrong!!!! Seriously the make up MUST have!!

Are your eyelashes thin or short? I have the answer: Younique's 3D Fiber Lashes. Check them out on my website by clicking the link below and then shop, then the eye tab. Call or Text 585-210-9838

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Dont let them tell you your lashes are too long...impossible... https:/

Younique Before/After Honey BB CReam Touch Powder Foundation in Satin Blush in Stunning Splurge Cream Shadow in Dainty 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Sleek Lip Stain

Now People... Don't let my amazing tan distract you... I know it's hard to see anything else in this photo BUT if you look at my lashes you will see something just as amazing! #SoTan #LashesSoLong #HappyEye #SadEye #SweetLashes #Amazing

17 Mascaras to go!! Who can help a makeup lady out?? You know it's time you tried these 3D Fiber Lashes!