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BREAKING: Democratic Senator Calls For Federal Gun Control Following Shooting - Patriot Outdoor News - Patriot Outdoor News vote all them democrats out

*Again...We should not judge! He's judging us! We silly people jump to conclusions! JGH --Obama Warns "Not To Rush To Judgement" About "Motivations" And "Groups" | Conservative ByteConservative Byte

Obama Not Even Waiting Till Scalia's Funeral, Already Phoning Grassley and McConnell Over Nominee ...

.TREASON AGAINST AMERICA IS STILL A CRIME! IF they can arrest a man re: a video ( which is free Speech in America) They Sure Enough Can Arrest Obama which has done more than anyone to destroy America , since the WII Communist spies ...csw)

Radio Host to Lead Armed, Open Carry March from Virginia into Washington DC on July 4th | Restoring Liberty

Islam and women's rights is an oxymoron! Feds praise 'Islam's work for women's rights' Read more at

Lawmakers Issued License Plates That Make Them 'Invisible' To Traffic Cams And Parking Tickets | Techdirt