In Alena, a compelling contemporary remake of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, a young art historian begins a new job as a museum curator on Cape Cod. As she narrates her experiences, we learn that her predecessor, Alena, disappeared two years earlier. Memories of Alena and the mystery of her disappearance cast dark shadows on the narrator and other characters.

7 Books to Read With a Broken Heart || Toss out the Kleenex and sad, terry-cloth bathrobe. There's no blow in life that just the right book can't help you recover from...

Woman coming of age dealing with self destructive & addictive behaviors as well as anorexia in the background, then finding out that she was a child of a sperm donor father in the foreground. She seeks the half siblings that were also children of the same sperm donor. Seeking family, looking for a familial mirror, reflecting on past mistakes and broaching life as an adult with the responsibility for life choices and working with what you are given, facing failures and moving on.

THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins -- A debut psychological thriller. May 2016 book club- HATED IT!!!

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