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Dash is about 20% cooler than you. And she knows so.

Yep.. That's exactly what I see! (Firebrand: life is better with a little pony magic. And some apple pie)

I didn't know that Fluttershy has gone through so much change. But I must say, I like the white and red version of her.

Cutie mark crusaders main 6?

MLP - Equestria Rainbow Rocks - Villains As Ponies by on @deviantART

from Etsy

Unofficial - My Little Pony and 300 mashup - t-shirt pattern commercial use, limited time offer

DECORATIONS**My Little Pony Friendship is Magic This is 100% Princess Luna Approved sticker by ~Ambris on deviantART. #princessluna

Mane Six Swords - Final by ChocoChaoFun on DeviantArt

Napping ponies and their pets and siblings, so cute. Except, Pinkie isn't related to the Cakes... Still adorable though.