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This film is about Gehl Architects unique approach to architecture and city planning. Gehl Architects approach their work both as Social Scientist and Architects, investigating the inter-connective loop between life and form in cities throughout the world.

Director: Mischa Rozema Production: PostPanic Agency: BSUR Director Mischa Rozema returns with another trademark visually unique mixed media film, combining live action with 2d/3d animation, motion graphics, stock footage and visual effects. BSUR approached PostPanic to help them create an extra special product launch film to match the distinctive new MINI Rocketman concept. Most staggering is that the whole production took just 4 weeks from start to finish, including two studio shoots in…

Wir bewegen innovative Zahlungslösungen. Klarna, Europas führender Anbieter von rechnungsbasierten Zahlungs- und Finanzierungslösungen im E-Commerce, beauftragte uns ihr Produkt “Klarna Checkout” in einem Animationsfilm zu präsentieren. Die Intention des Films ist es, alle Vorteile der Zahlungslösung auf eine einfache und überzeugende Art und Weise für das B2B-Marketing zu kommunizieren. Wir haben zu diesem Anlass erneut mit Bureau Hardy Seiler kollaboriert.

GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations, envisioning a nonprofit sector strong enough to tackle the great challenges of our time. It was a privilege to work with GuideStar's amazing DC-based team. Hieronymus wrote, directed, and produced this 2-minute brand video to introduce their latest offering, the GuideStar Exchange.

This PSA for Council of the Great City Schools tells the story of how to approach learning from a playful, curious place when dealing with a world of high speed eduction. Created out of Not To Scale New York with director Joe Donaldson, the film uses contemporary motion graphics to show learning in a cool and fun way.

Viacom, one of the biggest companies in the tv and film industry, contacted us to create 8 animated loops to play on the entrance hall of the company's offices in order to celebrate the start of Spring in New York. The 8 loops are totally different from one another and are made from a blend between 2d illustrations and pictures of characteristic places in the city. The idea is to show you what we all want to do when the most charming season comes to the city: take a bike ride, go out on…

Panda approached us to make an explainer video for their new advanced security solution. The brief was extremely complex and technical, and it was quite a challenge to express such complex processes in the minimalist language of the brand, and required quite a bit of design thinking and seemingly simple looking but quite complex animation. As usual, design by the wonderful folks at The Woork Co. and audio by the talented team at Wood Cave Audio.

Backbone people approached us to create a motion design piece for ΕΥΔΑΠ, the national water company of Greece. We faced that as a great challenge,in order to create a fresh and modern visual piece for such a public body.