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Right this way. Etidorpha is conducted through a forest of gigantic, mind-altering fungi. Mike Potts on Flickr // Etidorhpa, or, the end of the earth: the strange history of a mysterious being and the account of a remarkable journey is the title of a scientific allegory or science fiction novel by John Uri Lloyd, a pharmacognocist and pharmaceutical manufacturer of Cincinnati, Ohio. Etidorhpa was published in 1895. The word "Etidorhpa" is the backward spelling of the name "Aphrodite."

Astounding Science Fiction, cover (March 1941) by Hubert Rogers | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Hatunah Be-Yaar (Wedding in the Forest) by Yaʻakov David Kamson (1900-1980). Illustrated by Else Wenz-Viëtor (1882-1973). ca. 1925-1930.

Art by Bruce Pennington - Voyage Of The Space Beagle (1950), a classic novel of science fiction by A. E. van Vogt in the space opera subgenre. The novel is a "fix-up" compilation of four previously published SF stories, printed in magazines in 1939,1943 and 1950.

1954 ... science book of space travel

Paul Lehr's cover for "The Fury from Earth" 1971