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July 2014: Flight into Light by Teresa Grzeslo. "Four years ago, I learned of MSAA's artistic showcase. Given the theme of "Change", I decided to take the challenge. Since then, each year I look forward to the challenge of conveying my ideas through art." To read more about Teresa and to send an eCard featuring her work, please visit

Celebrate Fall and September's Artist of the Month by sending an eCard featuring this artist's work to help raise MS awareness.

Lunchtime Dining by Elana K. Rosen. Send an eCard featuring this artist's work at:

April 2014: Northwest Tribal Canoes by Carolyn Bowlus. Diagnosed with MS in 2000, Carolyn turns to her art hobbies. Her recent artwork is inspired by her travels to the Pacific Northwest. To view more of Carolyn's work and to send and eCard, please visit

April 2015 Artist of the Month - Michelle Hodgekiss. Celebrate Spring and spread MS awareness by sending an eCard featuring this artist's work. Find out how here:

Artwork by David Desjardins - MSAA's Artist of the Month, featuring the work of artists affected by #MultipleSclerosis. To read more about the artist and to view more artwork from the MS community, please visit

June 2014: Strider by Jayne Lemli of Sarasota, FL. "I had no prior experience with art at all, and no particular talent, but signed up for a watercolor class. I have been taking watercolor classes since, and LOVE it. I have also added kayaking and yoga to my list of passions. It feels great to have passion!" Please visit our website to send an eCard featuring Jayne's work,

December 2014: Christmas Morning by David Desjardins. "I am so honored to participate in my second Art Showcase, and I am humbled to be in the company of so many talented artists. I used to paint only for my own enjoyment, but now when I hear how others enjoy my work it really makes my day!". Please visit our website to view more of this artists work and send an Ecard!

Field of Flowers by Ginny Townsend - MSAA's Artist of the Month for March 2016. Read more about this artist and share an eCard to promote awareness during MS Awareness Month!