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Reflection on what worked for her curriculum planning - End of Year Celebrations

25 Totally Awesome FREE STEM Books for your Homeschool

Everyone is talking about STEM these days. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. This is a list of 25 Totally Awesome Free STEM Books for your Homeschool.

How to Get Your Teen Caught Up with their Homeschool Schedule

What To Do When Your Homeschool High School Student is Behind

In our society, it is easy to become over scheduled. This articles takes a look at some reasons why you should avoid over scheduling and how to actually make it happen.

Recap Your Homeschool Year with a Killer Homeschool Portfolio

To comply with state homeschool laws or create a keepsake, learn how to make a homeschool portfolio that will showcase your student's accomplishments.

The Easy 2nd Step for High School Curriculum Planning

Are you worried about homeschooling high school? This easy step in the high school curriculum planning process will give you the confidence you need to jump right in!

How My Teens Made College-Attractive Homeschool Transcripts

Comprehensive Homeschool Records: Put Your Best Foot Forw...