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Full length DVD available. For more info email - LIKE 'AquaFitnessOnline' on FACEBOOK for new aqua fitness videos, choreography, articles, products, etc. At last an educational DVD that provides easy to perform yet challenging deep water workouts with detailed explanations, underwater demonstrations and helpful teaching ti...

AQUA ZUMBA Splash! with Mari "Sigue Moviendo" (Zumba® Fitness - Video Co... Love that this video is shot underwater, with the focus on form! Time to get up and start dancing!! #waterfitness #poolworkout #aquazumba

The Best Swim Technique for Open Water

5 Ways to Get More Distance Per Stroke: As I left the pool today, my swimming technique became very apparent to me. When I was younger, I was a competitive swimmer and distance per stroke wasn’t as important as speed and turnover rate.

The Full-Body Swim Workout

Work your whole body with these floating noodle laps. You may want to try out for water polo after this...

Swimming Exercises for Legs

Everyone has experienced tired muscles, whether it's after going for a run, lifting heavy boxes, or doing a few too many pushups. Certain swimming exercises can ease the soreness in those tired ...

Water Yoga is probably one of those weird fads that does amazing things but won't catch on for another 10 years