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'Kill pigs': Anti-cop vandals in Oakland riot, smash windows, burn flags over Zimmerman verdict [photos,video]

Sudden Threat Endangers Hillary's 2016 Run | Minutemen News hillary "Leave 'em dead in Benghazi" clinton should be in jail, not the presidency. Americans are tired of criminals running our country.

Rachel Mullen on

Planned Parenthood is funded by taxpayer AND sells baby parts. Offensive? #PPsellsbabyparts

WAKE UP AMERICA!! We can't allow her to even be considered as a presidential candidate! How BLIND are those who would vote for her! SHE BELONGS in PRISON with the rest of the CORRUPT Government!!

THIS IS WHAT SOCIALIZED MEDICINE LOOKS LIKE: The Cuban health stories ignored or buried by the MSM would require an entire 24-hour network broadcasting for five decades to disclose. This in a country that prior to the glorious revolution enjoyed a lower infant-mortality rate and more doctors and dentists per-capita than half of European countries, plus a larger middle class than Switzerland.

Romney 2016: Why it may make sense for him to run again - Yahoo News Your base will not vote for people that parrot obama.