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All American bully dog Lovers sometimes don't know what is the best name for their bullies. we have all the list of American bully names that you need.

I'd love to put the owners through the same pain as the dogs. Help stop dog fighting!

End dog fighting & BSL! And save people of being afraid of pit bulls

stop dog fighting now ~ share this anywhere you think it can be useful. Ask your vet if you can post it on their bulletin board so others can have the number.

IF YOU SEE IT, REPORT IT. Please write this number down and keep it close to your phone; enter the number into your cell phone. ~~~~~ 877 215 2250 ~~~~~~ Think of the lives you may save!

My dog Cain.. Fighting bone cancer, amputation, and chemo-therapy... All with a  smile!!

My dog Cain. Fighting bone cancer, amputation, and chemo-therapy. All with a smile!

Can dog fights be avoided? Learn how to prevent dog fighting and find out when you should intervene in a dog fight.

How to Stop a Dog Fight Without Getting Hurt

dog fight prevention and breaking up a dog fight - Cindy Biell / EyeEm

I love this quote- don't speak for them because you can, but speak for them simply because you should! Because by sticking up for them, you can change their lives! Please help make a difference by being a voice for the voiceless.

END Dog Fighting & STOP Animal Abuse .breaks my heart that people do this for fun or even worse.


Pit Bull: "I don't want to fight to make money for you. Get a job, loser.

Absolute truth. ❤ End BSL, dog fighting, cruelty to animals and ignorance. Bless those who rescue the innocent.Pit Bulls.

Men are more dangerous than Pit Bulls. This is so true yet people still blame the dog. I have a Chiweenie that is far more dangerous than a pit that is raised correctly. They are a wonderful, loving dog.

Fight abuse not dogs

That Moment When a Dog Is Rescued from Their Abuser [12 POWERFUL PICS]