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Closing time approaches, waiting staff collect plates littered with leftovers and chefs sweep up spoiled ingredients. This routine, repeated in restaurants across the developed world, means $80bn (£56bn) of food is wasted annually.

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LAS VEGAS, Oct. 5, 2016 (PRNewswire) — Cargill is introducing its Regal line of bakery shortenings during the International Bakery Innovation Expo (IBIE) Oct. 8-11 in Las Vegas. The Regal portfolio includes new high-performing shortenings as well as optimized performance in its non-palm shortenings.

2016-or this study, researchers assess the relationship of chocolate intake and heart failure in a large population of Swedish men. In this large prospective cohort study, there was a J–shaped relationship between chocolate consumption and HF (heart failure) incidence. Moderate chocolate consumption was connected with a lower rate of HF hospitalization or death, however, the protective affiliation was not seen among individuals consuming ≥1 servings every day.

Why Tomatoes Lose Flavor in Fridge: Their Genes Chill Out: Cooling tomatoes below 54 degrees stops them from making some of the substances that contribute to their taste, according to researchers who dug into the genetic roots of the problem. That robs the fruit of flavor, whether it happens in a home refrigerator or in cold storage before the produce reaches the grocery shelf, they said.

The fast food chain Freshii is focused on a millennial team serving millennials. Find out more by watching this video from The Lempert Report.

2016-More broadly, companies across the food industry have been trying to polish their reputations on the nutrition front as obesity becomes a greater concern and they come under pressure for marketing foods full of fat, salt and sugar.

The line snakes through the door at Sweetfin Poké, in Santa Monica, all of the customers here for one thing: a bite of the latest food trend, which hails from the big 5-0. Hawaii. It’s called poke (po-kay). For $7 to $14, you get a bowl with about 5 ounces of fresh, raw fish, diced into big blocks, mixed with sauces, topped with ingredients like avocado or furikake (a seaweed seasoning) and placed atop a base of rice, noodles or salad. Like choose-your-own frozen yogurt shops, poke shops....