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It's like a fusion between Greg (over the garden wall) and well...the main charscter of undertail

Wow Phil with no fringe. He still looks good tho. Dan looks so "can't touch this"lol

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19 Funny Animal Pics for Your Wednesday

Mom's face matches the cat's face exactly, right now.

Can we just take a minute to release this girl named her snake Lafayette ❤️

cute hamsters | ... FACT I LEARNED FROM THE TV MESSAGE BOARD! : Gratuitously Cute Thread

Hamster moonlights as a floral designer..."Gotta get the stems juuust right..."

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Cute Emergency🎃 on

Health-conscious - Bunny doing yoga


These Random Pictures Are Guaranteed To Make Your Day. #3 Had Me Smiling So Much It Almost Hurt.

16. The only way this could be cuter is if it knit the sweater itself.

More Music Stuff The musician rat this is no photoshopped image,that is a real rat playing real musical instruments,with food treat,Dutch photographer and artist Ellen Van Deelen taught her pet Moppy and Witz to pose with different stuffs such as guitar,piano,flute,bike etc according to her,her pets are very intelligent and understand her enough to pose for these outstanding photographs