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day 3: a song that reminds you of one/both of ur parents (mom) : best day, Taylor swift bc that song is about her and her mom

Baby Taylor Swift and Baby Austin Swift

Taylor being funny

Lotte, I love Taylor Swift and creating pretty things, that's all. Taylor Swift called me her twinsie and said she is proud of me so there's that.

Go follow @backtotaylorx please on Instagram. I'm a multi fandom of Taylor Swift, Melanie Martinez and 5SOS.

Swiftie poster :)<<<<<< my names Elizabeth too

Fetus Taylor

Fetus Taylor

SO DONT EVER TELL ME THAT SHES NOT IMPORTANT. She's a role model for young girls everywhere and she has proven that women can do great things!:

Taylor Alison Swift - Slaying the world since 1989

Mama swiftayyy

"Celebrating this Mother's Day, reflecting back on past matching velvet holiday ensembles." --Taylor Swift, who posted this adorable throwback.

Taylor Swift: I love how even though she has won tons of awards she still is shocked every time

in love with Taylors dress!

Taylor Swift Red tour outfit

Sketches of red tour outfits

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR! Your amazing and everything to me!...i love you and everything that you do<3333333333

Taylor growing up.

2 am

How did I never notice this? Apparently all of the dramatic moments in Taylor Swift's life, of which there are many, happen at 2 in the morning. I WISH YOU WOULD: It's 2 am in your car windows down, you pass my street the memories past.