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Patchouli Dream . attrape-rêves fleurs et lune par BoudoirDuChaman

Leshy . white pagan wall-hanging triangle dreamcatcher wood & feathers, witchcraft decoration .

Northern Druid . dreamcatcher wool and feathers black and white Swarovski & agate point .

Dark Mermaid . attrape-rêves violet et noir nacre et Swarovski, plumes et crochet vintage .

Patchouli Dream . attrape-rêves blanc et violet par BoudoirDuChaman

Almond Dream . attrape-rêves plumes blanc & beige perle d'eau douce, pointe de quartz et Swarovski.

• . ☾ Sous la Lune dArgent. ◦☽.⋆ For sweet night full of fantasy... Adorned in the center with a french vintage doilie embroidered with a delicate metal moon and Swarovski crystal, this dreamcatcher filter the nightmares with a cascade of goose, peacock and rooster feathers. Decorated with fragments of fluorine, labradorite and glass beads. diameter circle: 18cm total lenght: 64cm The Boudoir du Chamans creations combine the charm of vintage fabrics to the pagan spirit of animist…

Othala. suspension murale pagan viking rune en par BoudoirDuChaman

Oracle's Eye . suspension murale rune viking par BoudoirDuChaman

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