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Winter brings all sorts of nasties, like colds and the flu, and as I found out, gastro. The cold damp air, along with artificially heated homes with little or no ventilation allows the little buggers to rear their ugly heads. #preventing #colds #flu #naturally #winter

AUTUMN IS UPON US - 12 HOUSEHOLD TIPS TO PREPARE FOR WINTER I know it is normal to do a big cleanout in Springtime, after being couped up in the house for winter, but it is just as important to prepare for the colder months of the winter... #Autumn #Fall #Household #tips #preparing #winter

Home is where you should feel safe and secure. You happily go about picking furnishings and interior decorations to make your home special, but do you realise that some of your furnishings could be emitting toxic gases? #VOCs #toxic #gases #home

from Etsy

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. (Handmade Mixed Media Upcycled Starbucks Coffee Cap Mosaic Flower by Shawn DuBois)

STARBUCKS COFFEE FLOWER MOSAIC. stained glass recycled upcycled mosaic mixed media contemporary art modern art assemblage flower garden art bird art

For a long time, I thought rubber could only be made by synthetic means, but I now realise that there two forms... #natural rubber #latex #non-toxic #environmentally friendly

It can feel the same when you are trying to be eco-friendly. There seems like there is so much you have to do to make the change to an eco-friendly lifestyle. You have to think about how much energy you are consuming... #overwhelm #ecofriendly #environement #open mind