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Basically me in a nutshell. I love a select few humans, and my students, and that's it. I can feel empathy, but people annoy me.

Know it all people annoy me especially the idiot that has never met me but thinks she knows every thing about me...guess again. Maybe you should take notes of how much of a wonderful person I am and try to be a better person.

I love solitude. Sometimes I get annoyed when friends and family talk to me just because I hate my thoughts being interrupted. I enjoy being alone, in my own world, with my books and my writing.

The last one is definitely my friend when I showed her Gravity Falls a few months after it aired, she rejected it. But then a few months before Gravity Falls ended she likes watching it and is attached, like reALLY???


Surpresas Para o Dia dos Namorados

i like music more than people

Family values? Ha, too funny! From the man that has had how many wives? How many bankruptcies? Treats women as objects... Give me a break, hypocrites!

So true. Get a job like everyone else in the world. Why would u want to depend on someone else for your happiness. Makes no sense to me. Be independent. Lazy people annoy me. Its one thing if ur looking for a job and cant find one its another when u expect someone else to take care of u because your just plain lazy.

Honestly everyone is annoying me right now. I can't stand looking at some people…