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Ecthelian's Storage

Little Tony and his protective pal Yes, I also ship WinterIron *cough*

Flippin Skirts pt2 final

Revenge is a dish best served by maid! The revenge being for that terrible Cap pic I did on the of July that I'm not gonna link to ┐('~`;)┌ BUT YOU KNOW THE.

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[SPOILER ALERT!!!] :*************(Why does thisthane to be the last thing he says to her!!!!!!!

I am so glad Loki hesitated. He will always see Frigga as his mommy, but since Marvel Cinema decided the concept of flesh-and-blood on Asgard to be on par with Europe, Loki can never admit to her BEING his actual mom.<<<oh my gosh yes.

Steve x Tony

Dis is ADORABLE! * smiles and lays down to control shipping form*