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Chevron Baby Blanket in Merino - Free Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern Even cuter pattern and chevron design! Must make for Baby K4!

С помощью такой же скрепки-зажима соорудите приспособление для вязания — положите клубок в чашу, закрепите на ее стенке зажим и проденьте нить через металлическое ушко.

Knit Bunnies by Artsy Fartsy Mama For a Christmas Decoration: Make a small square, add a knitted red or green scarf and a hanging hook.

Knitting a Centre-Outwards Spiral pattern by Elizabeth Jarvis

This is a ‘recipe’ for making your own spiral. You can use any thickness of yarn with appropriate sized needles, and when you have read the notes you will be able to experiment and create placemats, cushions, blankets and bedspreads.