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Between Two Worlds -chapter 30

Between Two Worlds -chapter 30

Can this please become a book?!>> literally my complete thought thought that whole thing like that was great. Someone start a fanfiction about that

What if you had a clock that counted down 'til you met your soul mate? I don't think I would know how to feel or what to do. But what about the people who aren't going to find their "soul mate"? What if, to some people, it's food?

Yes, the proofreading and editing is where the magic happens because you've already done the hard work.

Writer: looks up specific facts that makes their search history look like it belongs to a serial killer.

Deadpool (Sheik)

im guilty of making the knife <<< I read a really sad fic and I told my friends and now they think I am crazy and over obsessed.<<<< I am a writer of fan fic and this is very accurate

Robert Downey Junior on Fanfiction. I feel ya, bro.<<< This is why I only read completed works and wait for the interesting sounding "In-Progress" ones to finish. One awful experience with an amazing but abandoned work traumatized me forever. Now I'm careful with my heart.

"Robert Downey Junior on Fanfiction. I feel ya, bro. Or just unfinished fictions, not necessarily abandoned. Come on man, gimme the whole thing so I can finish it and get on with my sad life.

I would personally like to thank whoever writes really good Destiel fics because they're my OTP and these fics actually make my day

God bless you. Unless you're one of those people who write a super good fanfic and stop halfway through and say you'll upload tomorrow and don't for the next three years. By then, the ship is probably canon.