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Ravi knows, To where it flows, Beyond the boundaries, To eternity it goes. Nourishing many a lives, Quenching many a thirsts, It cuts across the mountains. You can't tie it in chains. For it moves beyond, A physical world, It snakes through the eras, It knows of stories you never heard, It sings songs you can seldom hear, And still escapes a tear, From Ravi's eyes, While watching us, Washing bloodied hand in its waters. But still it continues to flow, To somewhere only Ravi knows.

Let the games continue, Let the world burn in its own fire, Let the truth be attacked, By the fiercest of liars. But you know we'll survive, You know we'll still feel the urge to dive, In the deepest of mysteries, Wading through the miseries, In pursuit of happiness. So you know, Let these games continue, Let the smiles be raw, And passion be honest, And not let your life rest, After being tired of everything wrong, Do know that you're strong. Strong enough, To play one more time.

A cup of coffee to get us by, A cup of coffee before I try, To know some more of your secrets, And erase my regrets, Off this empty board. A cup of coffee to renew our conversations, A cup of coffee and the many combinations, We could've been, If you could've seen closely, Inside the coffee shop.

Then when I wrote about home, little did I know that you're the home, and your absence can never be one. And in search of this home, I have left behind quite a few. So here I am, standing somewhere down the road wondering where are you, and where is home.