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Feel like a celebrity as you walk down the red carpet and be greeted by giant Oscar’s at the most extravagant event of the year. You will actually be hanging around with celebrities as well (kind of) with life-size celebrity cut outs. But don’t worry the spotlight will always be on you!

Walk past the Las Vegas sign, palm trees and silk flames, down the red carpet into the casino as you try your luck at the Vegas theme party. With Blackjack and roulette tables, you will have dollar signs in your eyes. Just don’t steal Mike Tyson’s Tiger at the end of the night.

Say Kon’nichiwa to the Japanese theme. Surrounded by cherry blossom trees, oil-paper umbrellas and large red and pink lanterns with tassels, you can enjoy sushi canapes and drink the finest sake. It’s set to be a peaceful event.

Gents pull out your best tux, and ladies wear a beautiful black or white dress at the black and white themed party. With gorgeous Black and white Poseur Tables and Bonket Seats, your party is sure to be the most stylish around. Whatever you do, don’t say Beetlejuice three times.

Once Upon a Time, there was an event like no other. There was a stunning marquee which was lined with fairy lights and plants and glitter. The mystical land had tables decorated beautifully with tea lights, shrubs and flower garlands. This was because the Fairy tale theme had been chosen and everyone lived happily ever after. The End.

Take the stairway to heaven into our 3D carved clouds with the Heaven theme party. Walk through the Golden gates and be greeted by the angels of heaven and small white birds, before spending the evening with the big guy himself. Will you have a good time? God Knows!

You’ll be in Turkish delight with the stunning Harem Night Themed party. The genie in the lamp will grant all your wishes with the highest quality Arabic lined decorated Marquees, colourful lanterns, and beautiful incenses to make it a night to never forget.

Everyone loves a good dress-up party so why not get everyone to come dressed in the fashion of the 1990s. You could have your event management team put together a 90s-inspired playlist as well as some brightly-coloured cocktails for the guests to drink whilst dancing the night away to cheesy pop music! Leggings and rah-rah skirts at the ready!

For a more sophisticated atmosphere at the party, a masquerade ball is always a good option. Your event management team can really go to town with this theme to make it atmospheric with the décor and candles. With a formal dress code, this event will be a classy affair!

If you or your daughter is one of those girls who love pink, why not ask us to create an amazing pink inspired party? We can take elements of Disney and transform the venue into a wonderland, or create a chic and upmarket playboy theme that takes everything she loves, and transform the party in a magical setting. The possibilities are endless.