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"Having no clue why I needed to take this photograph but I like it anyway. All photos from artfromperry".

Miscellaneous Artfromperry,Art By Lin,Photographs

"These used to be the computers inside the old media center. I suppose, by now, they must have been replaced with some modern equipment. All photos by artfromperry

"The beginning of an easel, one piece of wood, one two by four"... artfromperry flower artfromperry

My flag , our flag...the good old flag of the United States of America . artfromperry

Never get into a fully crowded elevator. (Common sense here). You want to be really comfortable if the thing gets stuck, and being shoulder to shoulder with strangers will not be fun if you are stuck in the elevator. artfromperry

One of my favorite garden pictures, tons of leaves and the Seed Lady... artfromperry