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Fountain of Piazza Mastai, Trastevere. Andrea Busiri Vici for Pio IX Mastai Ferretti in front of the building for the production of Tobac built in the 19th century. Inspired by Giacomo della Porta and the fountain of S Maria in Trastevere he also carved Dolphins and puttoes who are holding the first and the second basin

Fountain of the AraCoeli near Venice square and the Capitol hill. Giacomo della Porta. Four masks decorating the basin whereas on top 4 puttoes holding amphorae. On top three Hills, coat of arms of Pope Alexander VII Chigi who restored the fountain

Two days to see ALL of Rome's main attractions AND Vatican City? That can't be enough time... right? Think again. See a full guide to two days in the Italian capital on While I'm Young and Skinny travel blog. Who wants to get engaged at the Trevi Fountain??

Fountain of the Pantheon. Leonardo Sormani following a project of Giacomo della Porta. Now remains only the basin with the dragons, coat of arms of Gregorio XIII Boncompagni. The obelisk was added by Barigioni for Clemens XI Albani. He added also the four Dolphins at the corners

Fountain in Piazza del Viminale. The Viminale building built by Manfredo Manfredi (Faro sul Gianicolo and Vittoriano) is the Ministero degli Interni. Morbiducci at the beginning of the 20th cent designed the fountain and added some decorations to the square for example the two eagles. On the fountain also the shewolf with the twin brothers and the sylmbol of the district Monti, 3 hills

Fontana di Piazza Colonna, Leonardo Sormani following the project of Giacomo della Porta. In the 19th cent added the Dolphins in the shell

Fountain on Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome, Lazio, Italy