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Benefits-Of-Blackstrap-Molasses i mixed it with 1/4 part local honey, 1/4 part lemon juice & 1/2 organic applecider vinegar. Turks call it pekmez Nothing like the homemade. I didn't use it as a sweetener for drinks, my favorite way was to mix it with Tahini and dip some bread on the mixture. Delicious, makes a wonderful breakfast.

Disrupting daily routine of gut microbes can be bad news for whole body

This is why sleeping during these hours are the best for your organs, skin and hair! Dreams are likely to be very informative around this time too! ~inspir8ional

What Diabetics Need to Know About Carbohydrates

Learn all about which carbs are right for your diabetic lifestyle here. Spoiler: not all carbs are created equal.