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Jean Georges Vibert (French, 1840–1902), "The King of Rome", 1900. The story of Napoleon forcing the Pope to recognize his son as the King of Rome and, hence, heir to a new Holy Roman Empire, was only one episode in a long, tangled relationship between various French governments and the Holy See. - Joslyn Art Museum Omaha Nebraska | Art Museum, Art Classes Omaha Nebraska | Entertainment Omaha

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The Geography Lesson (Portrait of Monsieur Gaudry & His Daughter), 1812. Louis Léopold Boilly (French, 1761-1845). Kimbell Art Museum.

Spain 1812, French Occupation Two Spanish partisans struggle to dispose of the corpse of a French cuirassier. Mostly by dumping it into a well. The old woman at the entrance carries the helmets and swords of their victim and of another French soldier who presumably has suffered the same fate.

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780–1867), Study for the Figure of France in "The Apotheosis of Napoleon I", 1853 | Harvard Art Museums

A melancholic Napoleon after a victory by Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissionier (French, 1815-1891) oil on panel - Walters Art Museum, Baltimore MD

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