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Nothing is infinite, not even loss. I don't know why, but I'm starting to love poety. Someone help me.

“The Opposite of Grief” || Written by Akif Kichloo *It’s official, my book, The Feeling May Remain is out worldwide now with free worldwide shipping: Get your signed copy here. Also available on Amazon (US, UK, India, Canada, EU), Barnes & Noble(US),...

If I wasn't forced otherwise I would be holding all of my girls and loving on all three of them and showing them off to the world right now, I miss our family, if I could do anything I would my love....arie

beautiful words loved this post and the following words by rupi kaur (@rupikaur_) who recently launched her poetry book milk and honey in london this week. here are rupi in her own words... "i will usually never mention what inspires any of my work. but this piece goes beyond the words in this post. it was inspired by a particular conversation with my friend @pavvstar. we were talking about the obstacles girls in our community (punjab and some parts of the diaspora) face: one of the issues…

The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.