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this sums up my relationship with running. I love it while Im not doing it. then I hate it when I am doing it. But love it again afterwards

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I never thought of it this way! And the other day I was just thinking how awesome it would be to live in "The Walking Dead". Provided everyone you cared for was safe though, of course. Yeah, I could kick zombie butt.

for all the girls wearing a full face of makeup to the gym.

So true. I don't like the girls at the gym who are just there to show off their cute workout clothes or body—with their makeup and hair just perfect, even after they're done "working out". And makeup id do bad for your skin while working out!

Running Makes Me Happy

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"When u have 1 of those days when u feel a big weight on ur shoulders.DO SQUATS" this quote!

Git up and GO.

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When you sweat and notice it, you feel accomplished because you know how hard you worked and how far you can get!

Worth Remembering..... never take for granted the ability to simply swing your feet out of bed, plant them on the floor, put one foot in front of the other and walk. Every morning I am inspired by a former student with an amazing outlook on life who is confined to a wheelchair who would love nothing more than to perform that simple act.

This is so beautiful! Can't tell you how many times I've thought this very thing while running. I think about my Mom dying so young, I think of people whose legs don't work. And think, wow, what do I have to whine about. And I run harder!