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Stone structures located outside of Olin Hall, DU
Stone structure
Residence Halls Nelson, Nagel, and J-Mac at the University of Denver
This structure looks strange at first but I came to realize it is art and I love the way it stands out. Lisa
stone structure
A unique play structure in Berlin, Germany.
The longest recorded beaver dam in the world spans 2800 feet and has existed for over a decade. From the aerial images it is clear that at least two beaver families have worked in tandem in the construction of the record-setting structure. The nature of the wetland is such that long dams are needed to trap broad stretches of low-flowing water.
DIY Plans
truss coffee table - Google Search
Build Naturally with Sigi Koko - An outdoor shower in stone wood...a few plants would add to the ambiance as well. (The plumbing lines are carved into the upper log,) Photo from Mandala Homes