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VICTIMS : A work by John Hejduk (TEXT - I) 1986 | Architectural Association

EVERYDAY ART QUARTERLY No. 1: Summer 1946 A GUIDE TO WELL DESIGNED PRODUCTS Hilde Reiss [Editor] | Original edition. 8.5 x 11 softcover magazine with 20 pages and 28 black and white images. Cover photograph of work by Bruno Mathsson and Angelo Testa, from the Furniture and Fabrics exhibition at the Gallery of Everyday Art.

WET magazine "Leonard Koren created Wet in conjunction with some of the artwork he was making at the time, which he called “bath art”. 34 issues of Wet were published between 1976-1981, encapsulating the post-modern vibe of late 70s/early 80s Los Angeles"

Cover by Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt for SH'WIPE #Q ed. Daniel F.Bradley & Greg Evason. Toronto, Wendysstomack, 28 february 1988.