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This is view above Denman street in Vancouver a few weeks ago. If you're not familiar Denman is one of those uber cool streets packed full of restaurants, cafe's and shops. If you like Sushi restaurants you'll love it here as it seems there's one on every corner. I like this area just to walk around and soak up west coast vibes or grab a coffee at Starbucks and people watch. There are a lot of cool streets in Vancouver but this is probably my favorite. On a side note, this is the last…

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - For several years, Vancouver has held an art contest, using different animals as the theme. We've had the Orca whale, the brown bear and this powerful owl. The various artists are sponsored by companies and the sculptures are auctioned off at the end of the exhibition time.

Time passes differently for different people. In a slow world our time seems to stream past, like this picture. That's why they made Florida, it'a a place where time goes a little slower. I think they made Maui that way also, but I digress. When you see one of those cute little signs that say's

Mote • this is my precious sweet baby hugh, he's currently 28 and he loves to swim around with his tank buddy harry the green sea turtle #seapotatoes -aims

An afternoon at Sarasota Island Park is a nice way to let the day wind down. Everyone is friendly and willing to stop and chat and say hello. Kind of unusual but I guess some places are like that. This afternoon there were photographers working on portraits with clients, people walking their dogs, sailors tending to their boats and others just sitting on a bench watching the sunset. Like I said, not a bad way to let the day wind down.

This is another shot of a sunset in Sarasota Florida I got a couple of months back. For this and the other I was awestruck at the colors and it still ranks as the most beautiful sunset I've ever seen. I have this idea that if you squint, maybe things will look a little different. Well of course they will and I suppose it's just a metaphor for changing my focus, seeing something in a different way. I think sometimes I squint with my mind, I try not to focus on the details of all going on…

For me Friday usually brings with it a feeling of relief, like wow, I made it through another one. Maybe it's time to kick back on a bench and soak up some rays. Actually this lady was checking e-mail on a phone, but never-mind that, she got most of it right. Of course I was standing right behind her clicking away, but never-mind that also. Let's all just take a minute and turn down the e-mail dinger on our smartphones and go to that quite place if just for a few minutes. Who am I kidding, I…

This is a long exposure of about two minutes under Florida's Venice Pier at night. The water appears still and the night appears brighter than it is. In fact I had people walking in front of me yet the length of the exposure ensures they are invisible. I shot this same perspective at sunset a few years ago and now it was time to come back. The evening perspective is one I quite like, it just seems less rushed and a bit more dreamy. Dreamy is a good word for a night shot, don't you think?

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