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Pool Ball Hybrid Zucchini Squash - You'll love these little dandies! Harvest the colorful round zucchini when fruits are 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Use them for stuffing, shish kabobs, soups or any recipe calling for summer squash. Exceptionally high-yielding 2 to 3 foot bush plants.

Hansel Hybrid Eggplant - 2008 All-America Winner. The newest development in the 'mini' eggplant craze. Finger-size dark purple fruits are produced in clusters of three to six. Harvest when mini-size at 2 to 3 inches or let them grow to 10 inches - they remain tender with few seeds and no bitterness. Space-saving plants grow less than 3 feet high, but are exceptionally high-yielding.

Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax Banana -- Jung -- spicy, sweet, med-hot. One of the best peppers for cool climes, high yields. Pkt 100 seeds 2.25 #pizzatopper #marketgarden

Carnival -- Jung -- Mini acorns, bush plants, smooth, delicious perfect for one serving. Pkt 30 seeds 3.25 #marketgarden

Sun Spot Hybrid Winter Squash - The perfect buttercup for 2-people households. Not only are the red-orange 1-1/2 pound, 4" high by 6" wide fruits just right for small families and empty nesters, but the flavor is exceptional. Small vines are high-yielding, but don't take up a lot of garden space. This short season variety matures quickly, so you'll be enjoying winter squash earlier than ever before.