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The Very Rev. Gary Hall, dean of the Washington National Cathedral, stands outside the church in Washington, D.C., in 2013.

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STEM Engineering Challenge Pack ~ Native American Homes Challenges ~ Set of 8

Why not bring STEM to your Native American Unit in social studies? Most elementary teachers are more comfortable and knowledgeable about themes, so I have decided to create STEM challenge packs based on specific themes, like Native Americans, specifically relating to their homes!

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Trump presidency would be a ‘nightmare,’ says Joseph Stiglitz

Bush collapsed the world economy with his republican deregulation policies and started two multi trillion dollar wars. Just imagine what an even bigger idiot like Trump will do.

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Mike & Lucas & Dustin & Eleven & llᴉʍ Sweatshirt (Stranger Things)

Find Will. Super soft, 100% cotton, American made unisex apparel. Choose from a variety of color and style options with a front facing black graphic (Except black which has white graphic.) Model is we

Again, a good part of "how we became a nation of heretics," where our personalized "Christianities" and personalized Jesuses and Buddy Christs are far less likely to check our worst impulses and vices. Furthermore, where does the Bible even come from (how do we get the Canon of Scripture in the first place), and how do we read Scripture? What, also, do we mean by "the Word of God," if not "God," period?

While I don't completely agree with the definition of the evil wolf (sorrow is not "evil", nor is regret), I like this quote.

Tumblr. History nerds. Oh no you didn't.... So many hashtags to choose from

I know this may be confusing to some of my pin friends to like Donald Trump as a conservative Christian but my Critically ill father n law does and I am starting to see why the man has guts, strong leadership skills and well he may be the one God has called.

One of the best Holocaust books I've read. Here is a link to a great study guide for this book:

The Ultimate Character Questionnaire A character questionnaire can be a great way to inspire a bit (or a lot) more detail about your characters. This list has been compiled from various sources around the net and in books and also our own brains. If you see any duplicates in the list please let us know, and if you have any additional questions we haven't thought of, email us if you'd like us to add them.