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from Art and Design

Illustrations by Alexandria Lomuntad

She reminds me of a anime character I created

I wonder who I am following into war, the girl or the legend. My friend, or a monster....

little talks - of monsters and men

Julian said this in almost a hush as he looked at the young girl, she gazed at him stunned "Julian, is that why I hear papa screaming and crying in the night for the demons to let him go?" she asked as Julian smirked slightly "Yes, I see you've noticed Caspian's pain?"

Do monsters make war or does war make monsters? #marvel

This little angel- Mona alMasri- was killed by one of Assad's thugs because she is threatening the global peace and security. Of course she was killed under the partnership of UN and its envoy to #Syria #UN_Terrorism_Org

from The Denver Post

Theater review: “She Kills Monsters” a brilliant collaborative effort

Tilly (Jenna Moll Reyes) slays a Bugbear as her alarmed sister Agnes (Lilli Hokama) looks on.

The job: to kill the monsters under her bed. But they were actually in her head; anti-child abuse. Use fear to control